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Damaged or Faulty Car Keys

Whether you are at home, work, or on the road if your car key becomes faulty or damaged we can help. If you have a damaged key we can be with you within as little as 20 minutes to cut, re-programme or replace your key.

Auto Locksmith Manchester Services

Auto locksmith Manchester is one of Manchesters most popular names when it comes to car locks and car keys. We provide our auto locksmith services to both the city of Manchester and the areas surrounding Manchester to ensure that anyone close enough to the city always has a qualified and local locksmith to call on at any time. Whether you are new to the city and do not know an auto locksmith or you have been driving around these parts for a years and are dissatisfied with the work of your current auto locksmith, we will give you a chance to experience what it is like to have an experienced auto locksmith working on your car or van locks and keys. We provide both emergency auto locksmith services and non-emergency services. So if your keys have become faulty or damaged when you are away from your home our emergency auto locksmith can be with you within as little as 30 minutes to get you back on the road

There are many lock and key related problems that our auto locksmiths have been called upon to fix in the past but one of the main things we do for drivers is providing them with replacement car keys. Whether you have a damaged key or the key has become faulty, or whether you want a spare car key or a spare van key, we will have you sorted in no time. We are also regularly called by customers with broken car keys who need the keys replaced or would like some help removing the snapped car key from the door lock or ignition. In these situations our Manchester auto locksmiths have just what is needed to quickly and cleanly remove the broken parts of the key and even inspect the lock or ignition to see whether the same thing may happen again.

Remote fob repair / replacement auto locksmith service

If your remote fob has stopped working, or has become cracked or broken we can help! All of our auto locksmiths carry a wide range of replacement parts, batteries & brand new fobs. Our auto locksmith Manchester will always try to repair the fob if it has not been to badly damaged or it has just stopped working. However, in some cases it is best to have a new remote altogether. Our experienced car locksmith will be on hand to give you advice as to the best option available. To request a free quote for your repair or replacement, please call us today.

Spare Keys

It is a good idea to always have a spare key in case of future emergencies. After we have replaced your primary key, please enquire about a spare.

Our local auto locksmith Manchester can supply, cut and program spare car keys for the majority of car models with our same day service. Our auto locksmiths use the latest computer controlled key cutting machines to ensure a perfect cut every time. Here at Locksmith L & E we provide emergency and non emergency spare key services for customers in Manchester and surrounding areas. Our mobile locksmiths will come to you and duplicate the keys onsite, saving you time and money. Our auto locksmiths can make spare car keys and van keys for the majority of make and model of vehicle. We provide spare keys for both cars and vans, and nearly all makes and models, including, Suzuki, Vauxhall, Honda, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Citroen, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Jaguar and many more.

What if my car keys have been stolen?

If your keys have been stolen or misplaced, our auto locksmiths can supply and program replacement keys and remotes at the roadside and can reprogram the ECU of your car so that the old keys will not start the car and the remote will not unlock the vehicle, giving you added security and peace of mind.

Services we provide

  • Car key, card, or fob replacements
  • Car key, card, or fob repairs
  • Car key repair
  • Onsite car key coding

Call us today if you need assistance with a snapped key!