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Van Security Locks

Due to the growing tool theft epidemic it has never been more important to safeguard your vehicle and its contents. More than 40,000 commercial vehicles are stolen in the UK every year. If your van is damaged or your tools are stolen, we understand the impact this will have on your livelihood. To give our customers complete peace of mind, we increase the security of your vehicle by using the highest quality, British manufactured van security locks.

Our range includes Van deadlocks, hooklocks and slamlocks

When it comes to Van security there are a lot of options available to choose from. Our expert team of Auto locksmiths are fully trained, experienced van lock fitters who can install durable quality locking systems to all types of van.

If you require individual work or have a fleet of vehicles that need securing, we will have the solution for you!

Features of Van security locks / Aftermarket Security locks

  • Next Level additional security
  • Higher Security keys as standard
  • All security locks, lock independently
  • Manual locking
  • All locks fitted to the van are keyed alike
  • Available for the majority of UK Vans

Bespoke Van Security Installation Services

Each type of vehicle has its own weak points and vulnerabilities. Our expert Auto Locksmiths assess each van to provide the best solution guaranteed to maximise the protection of your vehicle and your tools. We work with all makes and models of vehicles, and no matter what types of security solution is necessary our locksmiths can talk you through exactly what you need to stop thieves in their tracks.

Van Hooklocks

Hook locks or hook deadlocks provide an unrivalled level of protection in the event of a forced attack and when installed high up on a door they offer a high level of protection against an attack known as peeling If a peeling attack is attempted a hook deadlock will grab hold of the keep that has been placed on the opposing door preventing the van door from being opened.

Hooklocks are the latest innovation in van security. They are available for the side / rear doors and tailgates for the majority of makes and models of van. Contact our team for more information

Van Deadlocks

The Van Deadlock is one of the most popular security upgrades currently available. Manual key operated Van Deadlocks are a proven, highly effective security application for use on panel van doors. This security deadlock is a secondary mortice style aftermarket security lock that operates independently of the standard locking mechanism, adding much needed additional security to your vehicle.

Our Auto locksmiths will place the deadlocks in the best possible location to maximise protection against these intruder attacks. Even if your central locking is compromised or an intruder has been able to override it the Van deadlock will still prevent the door from being opened.

All lock cylinders used are high security, anti-drill, and anti-pick.

Anti-Peel brackets

Anti peel brackets have been developed to protect your van from a 'peel and steal' attack method. Similar to the hooklock van deadlock, anti peel brackets give an extra level of protection preventing against door peeling. We recommend installing an anti peel bracket in conjunction with a deadlock or hooklock for the maximum protection and security for your van.