Lost Keys

There is nothing worse than losing your keys, especially when you can still gain access to your property as the security of your prized asset has been compromised. It's important to change your locks as soon as possible after realising you've lost your keys, for your own safety and peace of mind. If these keys happen to get into the wrong hands this could cause a security breach to your property and also invalidate your insurance.

Lost your keys but still have access to your property?

Home and business owners usually have more than one set of keys to a property, so even if you loose a set you may still be able to gain entry with a spare key. However, it is still advisable to have the locks changed that belong to any keys you have lost as the property is now at risk of burglars and intruders. If someone is able to get hold of your keys they may be able to gain access to your property easily and quickly.

We are a fully qualified locksmith in Manchester and carry stock for all occasions. We can change any locks that you may have lost keys for including garage doors, shutters, cabinets and safes. We can also look to replace cars keys at the same time, as we find most sets of keys will include a car key as well.

Lost keys? No access?.....No problem!

Loosing a set of keys can be bad enough, but when you don't have a spare...disaster strikes! DON'T PANIC! Locksmith L & E to the rescue. We can have you back into your property or place of work within minutes. You can sit back, relax and have a nice cup of tea whilst we change the other locks you have lost the keys for. All our Locks come with 2 or 3 keys to make sure you have a spare for next time.

We carry a stock of robust main door and uPVC locks which we can fit to your premises to ensure your safety and security remains paramount. With a wealth of experience in changing locks, we'll ensure modern standards are met when fitting your new locking systems.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.